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Learn how to save on bank fees

Learn how to save on bank fees

It’s easy to save on your bank fees and make your cash go a longer way. Follow a few simple steps:

Customers can perform one free balance enquiry 24hours a day from your mobile device: just sms BAL and the last 4 digits of your account number to 32302. R1-00 is charged by your mobile service provider.

Remember to draw cash from selected retailers via Cashback. This is much more affordable withdrawing cash at a Saswitch ATM. Use your debit card to purchase: instead of using cash, customers can also opt to use their debit cards more effectively by purchasing directly with their cards at point of sale (POS) in shops, as this is not only a safer option to consider but also costs less.

Only use cash when necessary, use your card instead.

Remember, you should rather withdraw larger sums of money fewer times a month (and not smaller sums of money more often). This is more cost effective.

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