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Knowing what you really need

Knowing what you really need

Tough times always seem to make the bulk of us nervous, and rightfully so. With basic costs on the rise, it’s understandable that South Africans are feeling very uneasy at the moment. Paying more for electricity, food, transport and loan repayments are currently top of the agenda so, how can we deal with the situation? 

With people ‘feeling the pinch’, often, the problem has a simple root, and usually begins with a poor understanding of what a person really needs and what they actually want. 

Typically, needs are the essential items that are required to survive; food, accommodation, transport and healthcare are usually non-negotiable for survival. The problem begins with human wants and in particular unnecessary desires. Luxuries like flashy cars, expensive perfume and designer fashion labels are typical wants that carry an unnecessary financial burden.  

Sure everyone wants to drive that flashy car but can all of us afford to?