SA Post Office Bank


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a Postbank branch?

Postbank is situated inside every Post Office retail branch nationwide. For a branch closest to you please use our branch locator or call our customer care line on 0800 53 54 55.

What do I do if I have misplaced my card or it is stolen?

For security reasons you will have to visit your nearest Post Office branch with your ID book and other relevant documents so that you can be issued with a new Card and PIN.

What is FICA?

“FICA” is an abbreviation for Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which is Act 38,2001. This Act came into effect or was implemented by the South African law to combat money laundering, which is the abuse of financial systems in order to hide and / or disguise the proceeds of crime. The aim of FICA is to provide a legal framework for effective money laundering control, which in essence is intended to prevent criminals from being able to integrate their ill-gotten gains into our credible banking systems. This law has brought South Africa into line with international standards in the fight against crime.

Sections 21 and 22 of FICA, and the Regulations thereto, require for all South African Banks to ensure that they have correct details for all of their customers by establishing and verifying certain customer details. This Law forces the institutions to know their clients, which means the account will be required to provide the Bank with proof of identity, physical address and income tax number(s) (if issued) in order for us to validate their information.

Those customers could be South African or Non- South African residents.

What do I do if I have a problem with my Postbank account?

If you have any kind of problem with your account or you have experienced a problem at a Post Office retail branch, please call our Customer Care hotline 0800 53 54 55.

How do I reach Postbank customer care?

You can contact our Customer Care Centre toll free on 0800 53 54 55, or the National Customer Services Centre on 0860 111 502 or on e-mail on

Are there banking bodies in South Africa to protect the consumer?

Postbank is committed to the South African Code of Banking Practice and will do everything to resolve customer issues. These should be driven through the Customer Care Centre on 0800 53 54 55.

How do you transfer funds from an international bank to a Postbank account?

The bank from which the transfer is done must use the swift code of Standard Bank in South Africa from where they will arrange the transfer. The correct swift code has to be used, as it is used to convert foreign currency. As there are costs involved when converting foreign currency the customer will be responsible for the charges. The Standard Bank swift code is: “SBZAZAJJ”.

The Standard Bank account number is 010547843, Branch Code 010045. The Bank concerned must send a message or reference together with the transfer telling Standard Bank that the money must be transferred to Postbank account with the customer’s Postbank account number and the branch code: 460005.