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Our Philosophy

Postbank is a bank by South Africans for South Africans. And as South Africans we all have dreams. Whether you are saving for your dream house or growing your business, at Postbank we want to help make all those dreams come true. Whatever your needs, you can count on Postbank to have a simple solution designed for easy understanding. Besides, our aim is to ensure that whatever you sign up for, you are able to see the transparent benefits we offer. As a state owned institution, our mandate is to help uplift you from whatever position you find yourself. So don’t be surprised if you walk into any one of our branches and find a friendly face that greats you with a smile that makes you feel at home. If your first language is not English, rest assured that you will find someone within any of our branches that can communicate with you in your mother tongue. Besides, you are a customer to us, and we strive to make you feel special, in whatever way possible.

Our Mission

At Postbank we strive to provide cost-effective financial Services to appropriate market segments through optimised processes and infrastructure, which include profitable partnerships through skilled and motivated staff backed up by an aligned leadership team.

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Media Contact: Bongani Diako 082 788 2219