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Welcome to Postbank. If you are looking for secure, reliable, accessible and affordable banking, you are at the right place. Our Savings accounts boast some of the greatest interest rates. Our debit card range is simple to ensure you get what you need at the lowest possible cost. Terms on Term Deposit Products are flexible, and still offer the best in returns in its class.

Postbank has helped millions of South Africans to keep their fortunes safe and their minds stress-free with more Products and benefits than ever before. Whether you want to save, transact or put some money aside (Term Deposit) for a rainy day, Postbank has the right product for your financial comfort and peace of mind.

Important information for all approved SRD Beneficiaries

If you are an approved SRD R350 Grant beneficiary, download the info-brochure (1.6MB PDF)on how to access your grant.

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